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Jason Meyer finished his career as one of the top players in school history.
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at Arcanum
at Fairlawn
Miss. Valley
at Tipp City
at Franklin Monroe
Dayton Christian
at Anna
Marion Local
at National Trail
at Milton Union
Tri Village
Twin Valley South
Tri County North
Miami East
at Ansonia
at Bradford

W 79-47
L 70-76

W 72-49

W 53-49

W 63-53

W 55-50

W 70-39

W 52-49

L 57-58

W 55-47

W 58-43

W 73-53

W 56-45

W 68-56

L 64-68

L 53-55

W 67-64

W 54-47

W 88-51
W 88-65
W 84-55
W 97-58
W 66-50
L 39-48

Tri-County North
Twin Valley South
Franklin Monroe
National Trail
Mississinawa Valley



The 2001-02 Covington Buccaneers were arguably one of the most talented teams in the history of the school. Nine seniors, two juniors and one sophomore rounded out the varsity roster which gave the Buccs plenty of amunition to compete with any team in the state.

Coming into the season expectations were high. The Buccs didn't disappoint. They provided Bucc fans with plenty of excitement while capturing a share of the conference championship despite playing a brutal schedule. This schedule included big wins over Tipp City, Dayton Christian, Anna, Marion Local, Tri-Village, Versailles, Tri-County North and Miami East on their way to a 16-4 regular season record. Their four losses came by a combined 13 points to Fairlawn, Twin Valley South, the defending State Champion Bethel Bees and the eventual State Runner-up Russia Raiders.

The Buccs swept through the Piqua sectional with wins over Bradford, Anna and Fort Loramie before being upset by a tough Cedarville team in the District tournament at U.D. Arena.

Despite not reaching their ultimate goal the Buccs left their mark on the history books. Four seniors finished their careers on the 600-point club and one player left as one of the top two or three players ever to play at Covington.

Jason Meyer finished second on the career scoring list with 1,492 points behind only Tom Dunn's 1,721 points. Jason also finished third on the career rebounding list with 656 rebounds behind Ed Hartley (816) and Tim Vogler (714). Jason accomplishments are amazing considering the other three players he shared the ball with throughout his career.

Bert Roeth finished seventh on the career scoring list with 975 points, leaving him only 25 points shy of 1,000. Jarod Meyer finished eleventh on the career scoring list with 816 points while Josh Burelison finished sixteenth with 728 points. Combined the four players accumulated 4011 career points, more than any other group in school history.

The other five seniors all left their mark on the program as well. Who can forget Derik Brumbaugh battling inside with the big boys from Miami East, Fairlawn, Marion Local, Russia and Tipp City? Who can forget the aggressiveness and determination Mike Molesky? Who can forget the clutch shots by "3 point Al" Alex Hague? Who can forget Clint Mohler coming off of the bench and providing a rebounding presence in the middle? Who can forget the heart of Dusty Blythe, coming back from an injury as a junior to contribute as a senior?

Throughout the season the Buccs played with class and represented the Covington community with pride. We will never see a group of seniors like this group again.

A Legacy...
The Covington winter sports' banquet was this week, paying tribute to the accomplishments of the wrestlers, girls and boys basketball teams that had the Covington community so fixated with anticipation all winter long. Alas, state titles were not in the offing, but no amount of anticipation is necessarily rewarded by what might be considerated a "team of destiny." Ask Bob Huggins!

In fact, the bragging rights for Covington basketball, for all that was accomplished record-wise, cannot supercede that of Miami East or Bethel. No doubt, all three teams leave a legacy of winning basketball behind them. Supporters can and will argue and discuss for years just who did what better than another. Who would you have rather had....Jason or Matt Witt? It's the stuff that makes sports what it is.'s the stuff that makes small communities continually look forward to the future.

Because...whether you realize it or not, perhaps the best legacy of the nine seniors that leave the boys' program is their impact on the future of the program. One doesn't have to look far down to find outstanding talent that aches to be the next Jason Meyer. If you saw a junior high game this winter you witnessed the athleticism and desire to be the next Jarod Meyer or Josh Burelison. The names Kimmel, Studebaker, Canan, Christian and Rhoades (Darrin) are poised to make their mark, not only on Covington basketball, but just like the current class...the community as well.

Gene Studebaker was a "man-child" playing against area competition this winter, displaying moves and scoring ability that drew comparisons to any who have played Covington basketball at the same age. He's only a seventh-grader. Richard Canan can shoot the basketball. Darrin Rhoades can handle and shoot the basketball...and Dustin Kimmel and Nick Christian will have the size and competitive nature to be a force under the basket. There are others.

The old adage of "success breeds success" is obviously alive and well in Covington. And to be fair, it's not all confined to basketball because much of the young talent coming up plays football as well...and relishes the opportunity to imitate the success of Dusty, Josh and Boomer for Ted Peacock on Friday nights.

So for sure...let's pay tribute to the success and accomplishments of this year's teams, for the praise is well deserved. But thanks too, for that character and for being the excellent role models that will inevitably bring future success to Covington programs. Records is the ultimate and best legacy of all.

– The FanFile

Post-Season Awards...
To say Buccaneer coach Roger Craft has a talented group of players on his team is an understatement. Evidence is the fact that three of his players were chosen among the best players in Division IV All-Southwest District.

Jason Meyer, the Buccs' leading scorer and rebounder, was selected to the first team. Joining Jason on the first team are fellow CCC players Matt Witt of Bethel and Brandon Moore of Tri-Village. Witt was also named Most Valuable Player.

The only CCC player to be selected to the second team was Adan Ward of Mississinawa Valley.

Jarod Meyer made third team selection along with Brian Shoup of Bethel and Justin Shumaker of Tri-Village.

The final Buccaneer to be recognized was Bert Roeth who was an honorable mention selection along with Gavin Spitler of Newton.


FIRST TEAM: Matt Witt, Tipp City Bethel, 6-0, sr., 34.7; Jason Meyer, Covington, 6-5, sr., 21.4; Devon Alexander, Sidney Fairlawn, 6-7, sr., 15.2; Brian Cooper, So. Charleston Southeastern, 6-5, sr., 14.1; Dane Borchers, Russia, 6-8, sr., 18.9; Brandon Moore, Tri-Village, 6-2, sr., 19.5.

Player of the Year: Matt Witt, Tipp City Bethel.

Co-Coaches of the Year: Lee Falknor, Tri-Village; Kevin Lakes, New Miami.

SECOND TEAM: Keith Clark, So. Charleston Southeastern, 6-3, sr., 16.5; Myron Shelley, New Miami, 6-1, jr., 14.2; Adam Ward, Mississinawa Valley, 5-8, sr., 19.5; Jason Banks, Anna, 6-2, sr., 22.6; Brian Carraway, Cin. Country Day, 6-1, sr., 14.3; Mick Shannon, Cin. Landmark Christian, 6-2, jr., 15.8.

THIRD TEAM: Jarod Meyer, Covington, 6-0, sr., 13.9; Brian Shoup, Tipp City Bethel, 6-3, sr., 13.0; Milton Mobley, Dayton Jefferson, 6-1, soph., 14.4; Jay Borchers, Russia, 5-11, soph., 13.6; Justin Shumaker, Tri-Village, 6-2, sr., 14.0; Alex Derksen, Cin. Seven Hills, 6-1, jr., 16.0.

Honorable Mention
Josh Meyer, Botkins; Nathan Martindale, Ricky Willis, Cedarville; Bert Roeth, Covington; Paul Driskell, Sidney Fairlawn; Travis Swank, Franklin-Monroe; Mark Platfoot, Jackson Center; Regi Shedd, Dayton Jefferson; Jonny B. Good, Mechanicsburg; Anthony Richardson, Aron Mohan, Miami Valley; Gavin Spitler, Newton; James Cooper, Springfield Cath. Central; Mark Waddle, S. Charleston Southeastern; Kodey Kreglow, DeGraff Riverside; Josh Cordonnier, Russia; Tyler Kettering, Xenia Christian; Brent Robinson, Yellow Springs; Tay Cochran, Middletown Christian; Sam Brotz, Cin. Country Day; Odell Johnson, Sam Gebrerhane, Cin. Clark Montessori; Robert Downs, Cin. Harmony; Jason Iles, Fayetteville; Duane Grigsby, Kyenes Mincy, Cin. Jacobs; Zach Ellis, Ian Goligthly, Cin. Landmark Christian; Dante Farley, Cin. Lockland; Maverick Powell, Cin. Performing Arts; A.J. Burke, Cin. Seven Hills; Tanyen Pearson, Rashon Cheatham, Cin. Shroder; Josh Moore, New Miami; John Richardson, Steve Vance, Williamsburg

Additional Awards:
Most Valuable Player: Jason Meyer, Jarod Meyer, Bert Roeth and Josh Burelison
Leading Rebounder: Jason Meyer
Free Throw Leader: Jason Meyer
Dr. Girouard Sportsmanship Award: Alex Hague
Most Improved: Derick Brumbaugh
Coach's Award: Dusty Blythe and Mike Molesky
Black & White Award: Jason Meyer
Bryan Kenworthy Memorial Award: Clint Mohler
Dan Kendig Three Point Shooter Award: Jarod Meyer
3 Year Awards: Jarod Meyer, Clint Mohler and Bert Roeth
4 Year Awards: Jason Meyer, Josh Burelison and Dusty Ingle (Videographer)

All League Selections:
1st Team: Jason Meyer, Jarod Meyer and Bert Roeth
Special Mention: Josh Burelison
Honorable Mention: Clint Mohler

District 9 All Media Team: Jason Meyer and Jarod Meyer

District 9 All Stars: Jason Meyer and Jarod Meyer

First Team All SW District: Jason Meyer

Third Team All SW District: Jarod Meyer

Honorable Mention All SW District: Bert Roeth

Dayton Daily News All Media Team: Jason Meyer and Jarod Meyer

FanFile All County Team: Jason Meyer and Jarod Meyer