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The '77-'78 Buccs had to rebuild from a 20-3 season a year ago. Many of the great players from last season's District Championship team was lost to graduation so Coach Huelsman had to plug in new gaces into the starting luneup. The result was an impressive 16-5 record which included their third straight Miami County Holiday Tounament championship.

The Buccs were led by Junior, Mike Schmidt who averaged 23.2 points a game and recorded 242 rebounds on the season. Mike knocked down 43 points against Franklin Monroe to tie the school scoring record for points in a game.

Seniors, Tom Burelison and Chris Robertson provided leadership for the Buccs. Tom Burelison led the Buccs with 86 assists on the year while contributing with nearly 7 points per game. Roberston scored 232 points on the season and pulled down 100 rebounds.

The future looks bright for the Buccs as three Schmidt boys will be back; Mike, Joe and Rick. Also coming back will be Jay Victor and Dave Tobias.

Jay Victor drives between three defenders in the Buccs' 75-66 win over Franklin Monroe.

Mike Schmidt was the Buccs' Most Valuable Player in 1978.

1977-78 Season Results

Tipp City
Tri Village
Indian Lake
Franklin Monroe
Miami East
Springfield Catholic Central
Milton Union
Miami Valley
Franklin Monroe
Yellow Springs

W 67-54
W 44-42
W 53-44
W 57-55
W 48-43
W 75-66
W 48-43
W 69-56
W 54-50
L 46-55
L 51-58
W 65-54
W 50-40
W 54-41
L 49-50
W 59-49
L 58-59
W 59-42
W 57-35
W 55-46
L 46-51

Tournament Games are in BOLD.

Scoring Leaders for the Buccs:
Mike Schmidt – 488 pts. – 23.2 avg.
Chris Robertson – 232 pts. – 11.0 avg.
Tom Burelison – 137 pts. – 6.9 avg.
Joe Schmidt – 124 pts. – 6.5 avg.
Jay Victor – 90 pts. – 4.3 avg.
Rick Schmidt – 32 pts. – 2.5 avg.
Rick Rhoades – 20 pts. – 1.1 avg.
Dave Tobias – 16 pts. – 1.2 avg.
Rick Reck – 11 pts. – 0.7 avg.
Steve Simon – 10 pts. – 1.7 avg.

Note: All historical facts and placements are from the time the events happened.