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1980-81 24-1 Buccaneers: Front Row (left to right): Jim Tobias, Steve Simon, Jeff Ryan, Jerry Minnick, Dale Barger, Rick Schmidt. Standing (left to right): Kevin Finfrock, John Hackett, Scott Manson, Ed Barger, Don Fosnight, Phil Reck, Coach Bob Huelsman.

24-1. The record speaks for itself. The 1980-81 team was good. They were really good!

The Buccs cruised through the regular season unbeaten at 20-0 for the first time in school history. Along the way they won the Miami County Holiday Tournament, and a Three Rivers Conference Championship. Although the regular season was over, the Buccs didn't stop there. They steamrolled through the State Tournament by beating the likes of Yellow Springs, Ansonia, Waynesville and Jackson Center. The dream season came to an end as they fell to Columbus Academy for their only loss of the season.

The Buccs accomplished Sectional and District Titles in the tournaments and received a #3 ranking in the state of Ohio for Class A schools.

The Buccs were led by Ed Barger who scored 425 points for the ninth best season in Buccs history. Ed finished his career 6th on the all-time scoring list with 866 points. Barger averaged 17.0 points per game while dishing out 72 assists.

Also contributing to the success of the 1980-81 Buccs was Steve Simon. Steve dropped in 272 points for a 10.9 average and pulled down 120 rebounds. Rick Schmidt led the Buccs with 131 rebounds and 126 assists while Jeff Ryan and Jerry Minnick pulled down 119 and 109 rebounds respectively.

Scoring Leaders for the Buccs:
Ed Barger – 425 pts. – 17.0 avg.
Steve Simon – 272 pts. – 10.9 avg.
Rick Schmidt – 225 pts. – 9.0 avg.
Jim Tobias – 191 pts. – 7.6 avg.
Jeff Ryan – 145 pts. – 5.8 avg.
Jerry Minnick – 110 pts. – 4.8 avg.
Kevin Finfrock – 78 pts. – 3.3 avg.
Scott Manson – 17 pts. – 0.9 avg.
Don Fosnight – 16 pts. – 0.9 avg.
Phil Reck – 10 pts. – 0.9 avg.
John Hackett – 13 pts. – 0.6 avg.
Dale Barger – 4 pts. – 0.6 avg.

Note: All historical facts and placements are from the time the events happened.

Jerry Minnick provided the Buccs with a dominating inside force with his 6'4" frame.

1980-81 Season Results

Tipp City
Tri Village
Milton Union
Franklin Monroe
Miami East
Springfield Catholic Central
St. Henry
Indain Lake
Miami East
Yellow Springs
Jacskon Center
Columbus Academy

W 78-31
W 65-52
W 78-28
W 70-45
W 67-33
W 55-29
W 49-48
W 57-29
W 57-28
W 72-39
W 68-50
W 53-41
W 47-45
W 58-57
W 52-41
W 68-37
W 63-46
W 60-51
W 83-31
W 51-36
W 60-49
W 54-43
W 64-38
W 45-44
L 32-42