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1981-82 Buccaneers: Front Row (left to right): Radar Graves, Pete Boehringer, Steve Dunn, Phil Reck, Doug Pond. Standing (left to right): Assistant Coach Steve Fisher, Dan Hoblit, Todd Alexander, Jerry Minnick, Tony Perrine, Dale Barger, Coach Bob Huelsman.

Let's see, four 20-win seasons in five years, 24-1 last year. One returning letterman in Jerry Minnick. The Buccs had some big shoes to fill with a young team. Considering they only had three seniors (one was injured most of the season) on this year's squad, the Buccs had a very good season, going 13-9.

Jerry Minnick carried the young team on his shoulders the entire year. Minnick averaged 16.0 points per game and grabbed 170 rebounds. Jerry also shot 55.5 percent from the field.

New faces showed up to show promise for years to come. Sophomore Steve Dunn cracked into the starting luneup as the point guard and dropped in 124 points for the Buccs. Another Sophomore, Tony Alexander also started throughout the year for the Buccs. Alexander was a powerful force inside, grabbing 114 rebounds and scoring 149 points. To round out the starting unit was another sophomore Chris "Radar" Graves. Radar led the Buccs in assists with 83 while contributing with 109 points and 83 rebounds.

Seeing playing time off of the bench was 6'2" sophomore Tony Perrine, 6'0" junior Doug Pond and 6'1" junior Dan Hoblit.

Phil Reck also contributed in 14 games during his senior season. Phil was injured for most of the season and his power, athleticism and leadership was missed when he wasn't healthy.

Despite the losses of Jerry Minnick, Dale Barger and Phil Reck the future looks bright for the seasons to come.

Scoring Leaders for the Buccs:
Jerry Minnick – 353 pts. – 16.0 avg.
Dale Barger – 174 pts. – 7.9 avg.
Todd Alexander – 149 pts. – 6.8 avg.
Steve Dunn – 124 pts. – 5.6 avg.
"Radar" Graves – 109 pts. – 5.0 avg.

Rebounding Leaders for the Buccs:
Jerry Minnick – 170
Todd Alexander – 114
Dale Barger – 84
"Radar" Graves – 67
Steve Dunn – 21

Note: All historical facts and placements are from the time the events happened.

Sophomore Steve Dunn stepped up to contribute for a young Buccaneer team that finished with a 13-9 record.

1981-82 Season Results

Tipp City
Tri Village
Milton Union
Franklin Monroe
Miami East
Springfield Catholic Central
St. Henry
Ft. Loramie
Middletown Fenwick
Miami East

W 54-45
L 50-52
W 41-31
W 36-35
W 60-22
W 52-42
W 49-39
W 34-26
L 36-49
L 40-46
W 59-33
L 22-28
W 49-44
W 58-38
L 36-49
L 27-46
W 49-43
L 39-40
L 45-56
W 50-30
W 42-32
L 49-59