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1985-86 Covington Buccaneers: Front Row (left to right): Coach Bob Huelsman, Assistant Coach Steve Fisher. Back Row (left to right): Scott Alexander, Jarrod Miller, Matt Pond, Butch Boehringer, Scott "Scooter" Williams, Mike Laughman, Lane Evans, Mike Alexander, Kurt Locker, Doug Root, Jim Stickley.

Bob Huelsman has occupied the Covington bench for thirteen years. In that time the Buccs have recorded 228 wins with only 68 losses. Along the way, the Buccs have sported five 20-win seasons, 7 sectional titles, 5 district trophies, and 5 league championships. In his career, Huelsman only lost 22 games on the home floor. Bob walks away as the winningest coach in Buccaneer history.

In Huelsman's farewell tour, the Buccs went 17-5. During the season many highlights occured. The Buccs had big wins over Ft. Loramie, St. Henry, Versailles and Triad. During the season the Buccs were awarded a state ranking and a top-ranking in the Journal Herald.

The Buccs entered the tournament with a 16-4 record. They quickly dispatched Triad 68-40 which set up a rematch of theri earlier 51-38 win over Ft. Loramie. With revenge on their minds, Ft. Loramie handed the Buccs a 51-43 defeat and ended their season prematurely.

Butch Boehringer led the Buccs in scoring with 284 pts. and rebounding with 139 rebounds. Jarrod Miller scored 219 points and led the Buccs with 98 assists. Mike Laughman and Lane Evans provided the Buccs with "twin towers" as they both were 6'5". Mike knocked down 9.7 points a game and grabbed 95 rebounds while Lane added 8.1 points a game and pulled down 91 rebounds.

Scoring Leaders for the Buccs:
Butch Boehringer – 284 pts. – 15.8 avg.
Jarrod Miller – 219 pts. – 10.4 avg.
Mike Laughman – 213 pts. – 9.7 avg.
Lane Evans – 179 pts. – 8.1 avg.
Kurt Locker – 144 pts. – 6.5 avg.

Rebounding Leaders for the Buccs:
Butch Boehringer – 139
Mike Laughman – 95
Lane Evans – 91
Jarrod Miller – 67

Note: All historical facts and placements are from the time the events happened.

Butch Boehringer led the Buccs with 284 points for a 15.5 average despite missing four games due to injury.

1985-86 Season Results

Franklin Monroe
Ft. Loramie
Tri Village
Miami East
Milton Union
Tipp City
Miami East
Springfiedl Catholic Central
St. Henry
Ft. Loramie

W 76-47
W 76-54
W 51-38
W 87-45
W 65-38
W 65-44
W 68-51
W 41-40
W 54-42
L 58-66
W 56-48
L 40-64
L 49-50
W 59-46
W 54-50
W 49-44
W 53-45
W 55-39
W 58-43
L 41-44
W 68-40
L 43-51