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1999-00 Covington Buccaneers: Front (left to right): Manager Justin Woods, Derrick Brumbaugh, Brad Boothe, Josh Burelison, Doug Brooks, Manager Trevor Willis. Top Row (left to right): Assistant Coach Steve Dunn, Alex Hague, Jarod Meyer, Jason Meyer, Brian Wright, Derrek Shively, Clint Mohler, Bert Roeth, Head Coach Roger Craft.

After coming off of a 7-14 record from a year ago, the Covington Buccaneers knew they would have solme young players stepping into varsity roles and looking to contribute. Normally, this would lead to uncertainty as far as to how good the team woulod be and where they would end up record wise at the end of the season.

Fortunatelly, Coach Craft managed to blend the young talent with his experienced players and lead the Buccs to a 15-8 record.

The sophomore class consiting of Jason Meyer, Bert Roeth, Jared Meyer, Derrick Brumbaugh, Josh Burelison. Clint Mohler, and Alex Hague played beyond their years and contributed thanks to the leadership of the upperclassman.

Leading the Buccs were seniors Brad Boothe, Doug Brookes, Brian Wright, and junior Derrek Shively.